10238-1 Information Management training

Kansainvälinen koulutus
25.11.2020 - 27.11.2020
16.09.2020 - 29.09.2020

Platform: TEAMS; pre-course material and tasks in Moodle

Emergency Services Academy Finland organises an online Information Management training. The course will take place on November 25th - 27th 2020.

Course aim

The training is an introduction to Information Management and related tasks. It aims to provide the participants further understanding of what Information Management means, what kind of expectations different stakeholders have for IM and examples on how to produce IM products in practice.

Course contents

The course consists of four themes:

  • Introduction to Information management: theoretical background
  • Information management on operations: what are the requirements for information management in practice?
  • Information management support - visualization of information: different means and methods to visualize information
  • Information management products.

Learning objectives

After the training,

  • participant is able to explain the concept of information management
  • participant is able to describe the importance of information management with regards to EUCP/UNDAC teams' operations
  • participant is able to identify and relate to different sources of information
  • participant is able to identify different means to visualize information (e.g. office boards, infographics, handouts…), including mapping
  • participant is able to recognize how to support EUCPT/UNDAC in information management tasks
  • participant is able to relate to different means of producing information management products.

Target group

Course is open for applications for the International Humanitarian Partnership countries. The target group includes experts looking to deploy to operations via e.g. EU Civil Protection Mechanism, IHP or UNDAC support, but have no mission experience of tasks related to IM.

Participants should have basic knowledge on international civil protection and actors such as Union Civil Protection Mechanism, UN, and IHP. UCPM CMI/TEC course is an asset, but not required.

Course language is English. Active participation is expected.

For Finnish participants this course is considered as TAST pre-deployment training (TAST jatkokurssi).

Finnish participants must have passed

  • the Basic Course on International Civil Protection or TAST basic (prior 2019)
  • BSAFE online security awareness training.

Applicants who have passed TAST basic course in 2020 are prioritized.

Technical requirements

Participants must have

  • Working Internet connection
  • Access to Microsoft Teams (browser version is sufficient)
  • Headset
  • Net camera (laptop integrated is sufficient)

Pre-course tasks

Participants will be assigned with pre-course tasks. These must be finalised by latest one week before the course begins. Pre-course tasks require maximum of eight hours of independent work.


For Finnish applicants: https://link.webropolsurveys.com/S/18E5CDE4B7C39303

Applicants from other IHP countries are nominated via IHP training coordinators.

Further information